- Hi, I'm Josh VandenAvond -
I am a Milwaukee designer, a storyteller, a goof, and for some people I'm a bit much (a little enthusiastic about weird things). Design is a way for me to talk (loudly), create, inspire all in one fluid motion. Lets talk about beer, music, football, cheese, and if I'm in a good mood you may even see some trademark dance moves.
p.s. wondering why I look so upset in my photo? it's because a doctor had just told me I had 45 years to live... Then I proceeded to snuggle with a gnome in a later scene.. Don't worry if you're confused. I've been known to act in a couple student films here and there, when I can i help my friends in any way, I am going to do it. I haven't gotten my oscar nomination yet though, it must have just gotten lost in the mail.

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